Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chooks ....

Late last year my daughter had a broody hen.She gave her some eggs to hatch, kept one pullet and gave me a pullet and a rooster.

Hornsby and Hetty

I have a small flock of 13 birds. Now that we are past the Winter Solstice the days are gradually lengthening and the hens are laying with a new energy. I collect 7 to 8 eggs a days, definitely more than we can use, but I have eager customers who appreciate fresh eggs from healthy, happy, free-range hens.
Our neighbours on both sides keep poultry, as do others further down the road, and we hear the roosters trying to out-crow each other at any time of the night or day, specially when it is full moon. We are not distracted by the crowing but visitors tend to hear nothing else.

I love my 'girls' - and the boys Marcus and Hornsby.

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