Monday, November 25, 2013

Tile block from Carmen ..................

This is my new block choice for the QBSA 12 inch swap - a Tile block in black and white with one patch a solid colour. [It could of course be made as a scrappy, or in a particular colour scheme with matching or contrasting sashing throughout.] Any of the patches could be the coloured one.

Thank you so much Carmen, they are beautiful, Jan

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cat Minding ....................

We have had cats in the past - when my daughters were children. Now they have children of their own and when 2 families had a beach holiday I was asked if the kitten could stay. Of course she could!!

She didn't want cuddles at first, after all she did not know me. But soon she snuggled up, or helped with whatever I was doing. The only thing that was not so good was when she walked on the computer keyboard.

Fluffy Grey had a lovely weekend.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sisters 10 QAL ................

I was immediately attracted to this QAL, found a collection of Asian style fabrics in beautiful, rich colours, and I am catching up. My choice of background is Fig, a deep purply plum that is in all the other fabrics. I resisted silver grey and pale blue, and now I am torn - would a lighter colour be better, what about a mid lime green? This happens every time, but I think the darker fabric will give the quilt an exotic richness. That is certainly my hope.
Blocks to date -

Two each of three more blocks and I can put it all together - maybe not until early next year as I am making dresses for my youngest three grand daughters for Christmas - ho, ho,ho.

Friendship Stars ........................

for Joanne, my 6 inch block swap partner. Joanne asked for blue and green with white - and I made three variations of this block -

I received a $40 voucher from Spotlight this week, so bought fabric for a quilt for my youngest granddaughter, the only grandie I have not made a quilt for yet. It will be a third birthday present, and these are the materials I am looking forward to working with -

love the cats

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paper Piecing Swaps ................

In September I swapped with De. This is the block I sent to her -

Cupcake. In return De sent these cat blocks, eyes will be embroidered and tails added with quilting -

I have asked for my blocks to be in real cat colours - black, white, brown, grey, orange - but in any patterns.

Yesterday was wet all day - a great opportunity to spend time at the machine.
I did spend a lot of time sewing and I am so excited by the result, very pleased indeed. This is Julianne's scrappy Starburst -

I can't imagine having the patience to make enough blocks for a quilt, but collecting some in a swap is the way to go.

90 mm of rain so far. The trees and grass look greener and the air is clear and green. The earth can soak up a lot more before we think we've had enough.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Swap Partners ..............................

Carmen asked for a Box Kite block in black, white and red. These are the blocks I made for her -

Carmen asked for Any Stars in pink, burgundy, green and cream. These are her blocks.

I have 2 options at the moment - Tall Ships, and Tile Block in black and white with one patch a solid colour - like this -



I will join a number of these ships to make a large floor cushion for my sailing grandsons.

Yesterday I spent over an hour choosing books for my older grandchildren for Christmas. There is a lot of rubbish on some book store shelves, but I believe I found 4 beautiful, meaningful and well written books appropriate to the ages of the readers.

For the little girls, I am making summer dresses in co-ordinating fabrics from Prints Charming.

What a very busy time of year - Dragon Boat Regatta at Forster next weekend, Manning Dragon Boat Christmas party [and breakfast] the following weekend,
district Croquet clubs Christmas celebration and trophy presentation early December, and our club's Party and Trophies the following weekend.

Our district is sooo-oo dry the trees are shedding leaves and the grass is brown. At this very moment the rain that started last night is still falling, and is forecast to continue for a number of days. The vege garden and the water tank are also benefitting.

Can't work outside today, so I think I'll warm up the machine and do some more of my paper piecing swap block.