Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December block from Linda

This is the beautiful scrappy squares block that arrived today from Linda in Queensland. The owl stands out - because of his eyes - but all the other fabrics are beautiful too. Linda also sent a shiny Christmas decoration. Thank you so much for your wonderful parcel.

I can hardly wait for next month's exchange.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Block Swap for December

My partner is Lyn from Queensland and her request was for any block in black, white and red. This is her block - in the mail tomorrow.

for Lyn

I hope she is happy with what I have made.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seaside Disappearing 9-Patch

One of my daughters and her family live in a seaside town. My S-I-L loves fishing (as recreation and a source of fresh food), so that was inspiration for a quilt I am making for his birthday early next year.

Only three more blocks and it can be put together. The centre square is always the sarong fabric, surrounded by others representing sand, water, waves, sky, seaweed, rockpools, sea creatures etc.
A picture of the final project soon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Swap Block Australia

My partner for November was Mary Chow in Canada. Mary asked for any block in teal and neutrals. I made this Mosaic Tile block -

for Mary -

and Mary made this Square in a Square block for me. It arrived in today's mail. I love the colours and patterns - thank you Mary.

from Mary

Today was Tai Chi morning with U3A. Our class was videoed and will be available soon on DVD. The energy of the group was amazing and our routine the best it has been (for me anyway).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lake Eyre Trip

We have been home a couple of days now - still unpacking and washing. It was a wonderful week!!!
We covered a lot of kilometres, stayed in great accommodation from fancy city hotels to inland country pubs, and were served the very best food. On day 1 we were a group of individuals [and couples] and by the last day we were a friendly group sharing a special experience.
A couple of photos -

walking to the edge of the salt on Lake Eyre

the plane that flew us from Marree over Lake Eyre

part of the Oodnadatta Track still under water

a yellow footed rock wallaby in the south Flinders Ranges

It is always good to be home again. Yesterday was Tai Chi, and this morning I did 2 hours of Circle Folk Dancing - a challenge and a workout, beautiful music and the most wonderful fun.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

On Holidays!!

Tomorrow my DH and I fly to Adelaide, explore the city for a couple of days, then join Outback Spirit for a tour of Lake Eyre, Wilpena Pound, and towns along the way. For a short time I am not going to think of anything else - I will be in the moment and fully experience each wonderful moment.
Lake Eyre is in full flood and we have been looking forward to this trip for a few months now - can't believe we are on our way tomorrow. Wow!!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Easy Sunday Barbecue

Today was Spring Time Bring and Share Barbecue Day at the Croquet Club. Twenty seven members and friends brought salad or dessert to share -sausages, onions and bread was supplied. From about mid morning to mid afternoon Golf Croquet and Association Croquet was played in such a relaxed mood that no-one even kept score. Much time was spent in friendly conversation, and many hands made light work of the washing up and packing away.

Behind the scenes the last minute touches are being made to the Croquet Carnival being held next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Thirty six visiting players will contest Doubles play each morning, followed by eight Singles games over the three days.
Lunches will be catered for each day, and a Carnival Dinner shared at the local Aquatic Club on Thursday evening.

On Friday night trophies will be presented to the winners, and we will all promise to meet up again on a croquet court somewhere - hopefully at our club again next year.

On Court 1.

Our club house is a heritage listed railway goods shed moved to the site over 60 years ago.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Block from Helen

This has just arrived in this morning's mail. Isn't it beautiful?! The colours are gorgeous - thank you Helen for such a beautiful block.
Can you see the flamingo? It is a link to croquet [from Alice in Wonderland]. I have been playing croquet for 18 years, am club captain and also a coach and referee.

Framed Scrappy Squares - my first exchange block with Block Swaps Australia.

Also this morning, I weeded the herb garden, fertilised and mulched and planted out a punnet of parsley plants. Basil goes in next.

Blocks for Helen

My partner Helen asked for a Blue Star Block. There are so many stars out there it was hard to choose a pattern. The first block is very blue, and I am pleased with the result. The second block is new to me - a dark blue star in a lighter background. I hope Helen finds a place for both of these in her finished project.

Morning Star

Shooting Star

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Block Swaps

I have stitched a couple of Square in a Square blocks as an example of one of my choices in Block Swaps Australia. Centre and corners are the same fabric - and either dark or light - with the other triangles the opposite (dark or light).

I love the soft, fluffy look of this flowery block.

My blocks to Helen go in the mail this afternoon.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winter is Back

We have had days up to nearly 30 degrees C and nights of 15 degrees C, the electric blanket was packed away and the doona rolled down to the foot of the bed. What a change - days of cold wind, nights to 7 degrees and today only 12 degrees and raining - perfect for spending time with the computer and sewing machine.

I have three new blocks I wanted to photograph but the camera battery is flat, so tomorrow!

I have my first swap partner with Quilting Swap Blocks Australia. Helen's blue star has been completed [already] but I won't put up that picture until I know she has received it.

Today is perfect for catching up with some UFOs that have been waiting patiently, and cooking potato and rosemary pizza.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching up

It's been quite a while since I spent time here. A lot has happened, but I'll start from today.
Today I am taking it easy, following 2 days of refereeing at the District Association Croquet Championships. The weather was cold, windy, and occasionally wet - but the company, competition and morning teas were great.

I was sad and disappointed when International Friendship Quilters closed down. I loved meeting stitchers from all around the world and really enjoyed the project exchanges that I joined. Small items or blocks in a quilt are really special when I recall the wonderful women who made them just for me.

Now I have joined Quilting Block Swaps Australia and have been given my first exchange partner. I'm already sorting through fabrics and patterns to make the best block I can for Helen.
I have given a couple of options, the first being framed scrappy squares.

This is a block under construction [2 more frame pieces are needed] - the possibilities are endless.

I would love to share pictures of my youngest grandchildren and their big, fluffy toys -

Ada and Darwin -

Suriani and Cat -

Alina and Teddy