Saturday, December 11, 2010

Table Setting Placemats

I've completed two placemats from my table setting fabrics - changing the positions of the different colours. Other combinations are possible, but will have to wait since this is such a busy time of the year.

Today is the Christmas party at the Croquet club. We celebrate with a 'Bring and Share' lunch. I think it is something special to prepare food to share with friends. Mindfulness as you cook or arrange adds another dimension to the dish. My contribution is a platter of Rice Paper Rolls, filled with noodles, sprouts, vegetables, herbs, tofu and cashews. The party is at the club so that we can play Golf Croquet and Association Croquet in short fun games, or simply sit back and socialise. The competition trophies for 2010 will be presented to the winners after lunch, and the new Champions Board will be unveiled.
I'm sure it will be a lovely day and I am looking forward to going [must go and hang the washing first].

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Birthday Lunch

My DH and I went for a late birthday lunch today at Em's Thai Kitchen at Harrington. Delicious, authentic food.

I am known for having more than one project on the go at a time. My current, quilt on the go is a stash buster using up some of my accumulated fabric. I bought the background spotty material at a sale, with a huge discount for buying whatever was left on the roll, and the large print purple floral for the first border and binding. It will be included in a few blocks for continuity.
It took a couple of days to do all the cutting, but the blocks are simple and going together quickly - I have made 7 of the 30 that I will need.

This quilt is for the bed in the second bedroom - the visitors room. More pictures later.

Table Topper

I completed the first part of the table setting just in time for the second part - place mats. My colours make it useful for any season, not just Christmas. Since a table cloth is usually only one layer of fabric, I decided not to use batting and quilted the top directly onto the backing.

I intend to make a set of 4 placemats but they will not be the same. The fabrics will be used in different combinations for the trees, the background and the border and bindings. Pictures as they are made.