Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five Big Days

DH came with me to Maitland - for 3 nights - while I spent 2 long days with 3 other candidates in a Level 2 Croquet Coaching Training Course. So much concentration, thinking, playing, note taking etc. Just exhausting - I couldn't believe that I went to bed at 8.30 and slept through till sunrise.

Next day was a drive to Sydney to conduct a Laws day! Everyone seemed very pleased with the discussions and practicals. I was pleased with the thoughtful input from all who participated.

This was followed by 2 days of coaching. Association Croquet players attended and along with our trainer, the candidates spent 6 hours each day passing on techniques and styles and corrections that had been learned.
We still have to write up 3 x 1 hour lessons on our chosen topic, teach the lessons to willing players, write our assessment of the lessons and submit the written work to the Directors of Coaching.

There are moments when I wondered why I had taken this on, but I think it is a worthwhile effort and am looking forward to my accreditation as a Level 2 Coach.

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