Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas in July

I have joined a CIJ Swap Group, and my partner and I have decided to swap candle mats.
I am not happy with the commercialism of Christmas which tries to begin spending and celebrating about September. This completely puts me off the red and green colour schemes. I do not understand why so many still go with snow and reindeer and lanterns and all that Northern Hemisphere scenario.

I am happy to allow children to understand that Santa - in a Coca Cola red suit - is just a fictional character like so many others in so many other stories. But to encourage children to believe is irresponsible and wicked.

With all that off my chest and out of my heart, I will show the candle mat I made for my partner Bobbie. She asked for yellow and green with perhaps some burgundy.

The pattern is called Rotunda on the list of 9" blocks. It is stunning as a square block, and comes up well as a round block for a candle mat. I have requested a mat with purple included and am so looking forward to it arriving.

This month's Bundaburg postcard is themed "Postage Stamp". Instead of designing a postage stamp I made a mini postage quilt - 96 squares of fabric.

My cards for April and June have not arrived - I love making and exchanging fabric postcards, but may not continue if I am disappointed again.

Today's sewing is to finish the quilt top I am making with blocks I won in a Block Lotto with The Quilting and Patchwork Cottage. All the blocks are based on the theme 'In My Garden". The background and sashing is pale grey - I'll put up a picture when it comes together.

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