Sunday, March 4, 2012

U3A - Tai Chi and Folk Dancing

At the end of January I enrolled with U3A in Tai Chi and Folk Dancing classes. Both are to exercise my body and my mind.
Tai Chi is a challenge - the individual movements are not difficult, but getting the sequence and repetitions in order is such a challenge. I am encouraged by the longer term participants who insist that it will all fall into place for me. Most sessions leave me relaxed and empowered. Love it.
Circle folk dancing is from eastern Europe. The rhythms, music and dances are old, traditional and specific to regions or peoples. They all tell a story. The challenge here is more for the body [my knee doesn't always like dancing]. Our teacher is wonderful and the others in the group are lovely, enthusiastic women.

It has been such a wet summer. The grass is growing like crazy. The drive belt broke on the ride-on and I have borrowed a push mower for 2 months. At last the belt has been replaced, and we have a new push mower of our own for the edges and small spaces. Both mowers are great.

Bundy postcard swap - I have been inspired and pushed ahead with my postcards - about 4 months ahead. Today I mailed my 'seashore' card to Pat.

This is a simple embroidery based on a quilting pattern, on my favourite beachy fabric.

Today my sewing machine went into the shop for repairs and service. It seized a couple of days ago, I cleaned out the stray threads but it still did not want to go. Why is it that all I want to do at the moment is sew???????????

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keeping busy with my grand daughter

Following the weekend celebration of Mum's 90th Birthday - wow 90 birthday cakes - my grand daughter stayed here for 6 days. I would love to insert photos but I did not take any - can you believe it. We were busy and in the moment and I simply did not think of the camera.
Most of the week was very wet weather but we had plenty of fun and lots to do.
Sunday - we went shopping, had morning tea at Raw Sugar then a visit to the Art Gallery.
Monday -We  played Croquet in the morning, had early lunch then 2 games of Ten Pin Bowling. Later we sewed simple patchwork hens from fabric and felt.

It rained every day but we managed to do outside things between showers, or under an umbrella.
Inanna cut, chopped and stirred and was involved in cooking dinner every night. She managed to stay up fairly late each night watching movies with her grandfather.

Tuesday - really wet - sewing day making a patchwork chicken and a rooster with elegant feathers. Cooked a leek and spinach pie and a peach and cinnamon cake.
Wednesday - still raining - Billabong Zoo in am and on to Ricardo's Tomatoes and Strawberries - cooked strawberry jam in pm - 5 jars.
Thursday - Australia Day, the Saltwater/Freshwater Festival was washed out. Inanna sewed 2 patchwork blocks. She is very good on the machine and moved up from slow to medium when she felt she was in control. She has great endurance but I kept up. Late in pm we cooked a cake to take home to her family.
Friday - can you believe it, sunshine today.The train trip home was interrupted by water on the line and the last stretch was by coach.
It was a very special week, really busy as it should be, and a time to remember and treasure.
When they are ready and old enough and wanting to come, all of the grandies will be wecomed. Looking forward to other wonderful, busy visits.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Block Swap Blocks -

It is very early in the month and my blocks are already in the mail. Just as well since my sewing machine is in need of a service.

This red and crean Anvil block is for Encara in Spain,

This scrappy Paper Pinwheel block is for Beverley in Queensland. I made a mug mat from each set of fabrics to go with the blocks.

Since IFQ closed I have also joined a Postcard Swap group - google Bundy Postcard Swap for information. Each month a different theme is interpreted on a 4" x 6" postcard, eg


love - laces, embroidery, old fabrics

glamour puss


I really love making and receiving these postcards.

During December and January I spent a lot of time training four wonderfully keen croquet players who were preparing for their Referees Exam. They passed with flying colours, as did thirteen others who were working with other Examining Referees.

My dear, beautiful mother turned 90 in January. Her children and their husbands, their children and their partners and children all gathered at Newcastle for a birthday lunch. Everyone travelled considerable distances and took the opportunity to gather with each other, so stayed at least 2 nights. This extended the birthday celebrations for a number of days and Mum had loads of contact with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

As the families all returned home 14 called in for lunch to break their journey. Our daughter and son-in-law with the youngest children stayed overnight to give the littlies time out of the car. Our eldest grand daughter, Inanna, now 12 stayed on for 6 days. What a special week - details tomorrow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

so long since i've been here

I'll try to catch up over a few days - first with my blocks from Block Swaps Australia -

These are two pastel blocks I made for Tanya - a Morning Star and a Wonky Log Cabin.

Heather asked for any block in red and white - here is Balkan Puzzle in 4 shades of red plus white.

This month I made a red and cream Anvil block to send to Encara in Spain, and a scrappy Paper Pinwheel in purples and pinks for Beverley in Queensland. Pictures are still in the camera!!!