Sunday, March 4, 2012

U3A - Tai Chi and Folk Dancing

At the end of January I enrolled with U3A in Tai Chi and Folk Dancing classes. Both are to exercise my body and my mind.
Tai Chi is a challenge - the individual movements are not difficult, but getting the sequence and repetitions in order is such a challenge. I am encouraged by the longer term participants who insist that it will all fall into place for me. Most sessions leave me relaxed and empowered. Love it.
Circle folk dancing is from eastern Europe. The rhythms, music and dances are old, traditional and specific to regions or peoples. They all tell a story. The challenge here is more for the body [my knee doesn't always like dancing]. Our teacher is wonderful and the others in the group are lovely, enthusiastic women.

It has been such a wet summer. The grass is growing like crazy. The drive belt broke on the ride-on and I have borrowed a push mower for 2 months. At last the belt has been replaced, and we have a new push mower of our own for the edges and small spaces. Both mowers are great.

Bundy postcard swap - I have been inspired and pushed ahead with my postcards - about 4 months ahead. Today I mailed my 'seashore' card to Pat.

This is a simple embroidery based on a quilting pattern, on my favourite beachy fabric.

Today my sewing machine went into the shop for repairs and service. It seized a couple of days ago, I cleaned out the stray threads but it still did not want to go. Why is it that all I want to do at the moment is sew???????????

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