Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keeping busy with my grand daughter

Following the weekend celebration of Mum's 90th Birthday - wow 90 birthday cakes - my grand daughter stayed here for 6 days. I would love to insert photos but I did not take any - can you believe it. We were busy and in the moment and I simply did not think of the camera.
Most of the week was very wet weather but we had plenty of fun and lots to do.
Sunday - we went shopping, had morning tea at Raw Sugar then a visit to the Art Gallery.
Monday -We  played Croquet in the morning, had early lunch then 2 games of Ten Pin Bowling. Later we sewed simple patchwork hens from fabric and felt.

It rained every day but we managed to do outside things between showers, or under an umbrella.
Inanna cut, chopped and stirred and was involved in cooking dinner every night. She managed to stay up fairly late each night watching movies with her grandfather.

Tuesday - really wet - sewing day making a patchwork chicken and a rooster with elegant feathers. Cooked a leek and spinach pie and a peach and cinnamon cake.
Wednesday - still raining - Billabong Zoo in am and on to Ricardo's Tomatoes and Strawberries - cooked strawberry jam in pm - 5 jars.
Thursday - Australia Day, the Saltwater/Freshwater Festival was washed out. Inanna sewed 2 patchwork blocks. She is very good on the machine and moved up from slow to medium when she felt she was in control. She has great endurance but I kept up. Late in pm we cooked a cake to take home to her family.
Friday - can you believe it, sunshine today.The train trip home was interrupted by water on the line and the last stretch was by coach.
It was a very special week, really busy as it should be, and a time to remember and treasure.
When they are ready and old enough and wanting to come, all of the grandies will be wecomed. Looking forward to other wonderful, busy visits.

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