Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paper Piecing Swaps ................

In September I swapped with De. This is the block I sent to her -

Cupcake. In return De sent these cat blocks, eyes will be embroidered and tails added with quilting -

I have asked for my blocks to be in real cat colours - black, white, brown, grey, orange - but in any patterns.

Yesterday was wet all day - a great opportunity to spend time at the machine.
I did spend a lot of time sewing and I am so excited by the result, very pleased indeed. This is Julianne's scrappy Starburst -

I can't imagine having the patience to make enough blocks for a quilt, but collecting some in a swap is the way to go.

90 mm of rain so far. The trees and grass look greener and the air is clear and green. The earth can soak up a lot more before we think we've had enough.

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