Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Swap Partners ..............................

Carmen asked for a Box Kite block in black, white and red. These are the blocks I made for her -

Carmen asked for Any Stars in pink, burgundy, green and cream. These are her blocks.

I have 2 options at the moment - Tall Ships, and Tile Block in black and white with one patch a solid colour - like this -



I will join a number of these ships to make a large floor cushion for my sailing grandsons.

Yesterday I spent over an hour choosing books for my older grandchildren for Christmas. There is a lot of rubbish on some book store shelves, but I believe I found 4 beautiful, meaningful and well written books appropriate to the ages of the readers.

For the little girls, I am making summer dresses in co-ordinating fabrics from Prints Charming.

What a very busy time of year - Dragon Boat Regatta at Forster next weekend, Manning Dragon Boat Christmas party [and breakfast] the following weekend,
district Croquet clubs Christmas celebration and trophy presentation early December, and our club's Party and Trophies the following weekend.

Our district is sooo-oo dry the trees are shedding leaves and the grass is brown. At this very moment the rain that started last night is still falling, and is forecast to continue for a number of days. The vege garden and the water tank are also benefitting.

Can't work outside today, so I think I'll warm up the machine and do some more of my paper piecing swap block.

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