Monday, November 5, 2012

November ...........

I have two swap partners this month and their blocks are already made and mailed.
For Beth - a friendship star on white -

and for Pam, a sampler style block in Autumn colours -

I was a guardian angel to two swap members this month, but did not photograph the blocks.

A huge umbrella tree was growing too close to the house and dropping its leaves and flowers in the gutters, so it was brought down with ropes and a chain saw - now it is my job to load the logs, and remove the lighter material to the bonfire. It has been so dry, windy and hot it will be quite a while until the bonfire is lit.

Sewing right now is for gifts for my littlest grand daughters - pictures soon of a cat, a monkey and a dragon.

My latest excursion is into Dragon Boat Paddling. I have wanted to try this for a long time and now think perhaps I should have started long ago. It is very hard on my knees [cartlidge breaking down] and a shoulder which is proving touchy. I probably try too hard to keep up with the more experienced paddlers and my shoulder muscles set like cement for a couple of days and keep me awake at night. My future as a paddler is still being assessed.

"At home" day today - it is too easy to go out most days of the week.

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