Friday, September 21, 2012

Spring has sprung .............

Now we have reached the Spring Equinox it is really Spring.
I love the perfume of the plants now flowering, the abundance of blossoms on the fruit trees, vege plants and the vines, all promising fruit, veges and nuts in the future. I love the happy warmth of Spring days that makes everything we do so much more comfortable. It is really good to put away the woolies and change to light, cotton clothing.

Here are some photos that celebrate the Spring Equinox -

shoots on the grape vine

masses of highly perfumed flowers on the macadamia tree

new leaves bursting open on the fig tree

plum blossom

port wine magnolia - divine perfume on a warm day

broad beans

quince blossoms

My favourite seasons are the gentle ones - Spring and Autumn. I fully appreciate the purpose of the cycle of seasons and celebrate them all, but I do tend to hide away from the extremes of heat and cold. 

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