Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July .....................

Thank you Cheryll for this wonderful swap - my first time in this year. I loved planning and stitching the gifts to send. These went to Sue -
  • Tree table mat or wall hanger.
  • Mouse in a mug bag, guarding the chocolates, tea and coffee,
  • Santa tree decorations.
Oops - I don't seem to have pictures of what I sent - maybe Sue will put a picture on her blog.

Here are the delightful gifts I received from Raewyn, the stitching and quilting is beautiful, and the parcel of gifts so generous.

Christmas Journal in this embroidered and quilted cover,

embroidered table mat or wall hanging,
Christmas kitchen set.
I feel so indulged. These lovely gifts will be a big part of our December Christmas celebrations too.
Thank you so much Raewyn, Cheryll and all the elves who made this event possible.


  1. Wonderful gifts from Raewyn. Hugs.....

  2. Your elf was certainly busy - beautiful gifts xx

  3. Such gorgeous gifts you received from Raewyn..

  4. I'm happy you liked the gifts, Jan :-) It was fun making them.

  5. Lucky you! Raewyn does such nice work!

  6. It is good to know they will be out and used at the end of the year and many more to come

  7. Wow...your gifts are gorgeous. Thanks for joining in this swap.