Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lake Eyre Trip

We have been home a couple of days now - still unpacking and washing. It was a wonderful week!!!
We covered a lot of kilometres, stayed in great accommodation from fancy city hotels to inland country pubs, and were served the very best food. On day 1 we were a group of individuals [and couples] and by the last day we were a friendly group sharing a special experience.
A couple of photos -

walking to the edge of the salt on Lake Eyre

the plane that flew us from Marree over Lake Eyre

part of the Oodnadatta Track still under water

a yellow footed rock wallaby in the south Flinders Ranges

It is always good to be home again. Yesterday was Tai Chi, and this morning I did 2 hours of Circle Folk Dancing - a challenge and a workout, beautiful music and the most wonderful fun.

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